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Locating and hiring the right healthcare professionals for your team is a tough challenge that is instrumental for your company’s continued success. When you hire the right people, your job becomes much more fulfilling and easier. With all the changes going on in our medical system, it is more important than ever to identify, recruit and retain the most talented professionals that will help you lead the way into the future.

Finding the right recruiter (also know as a headhunter) to handle your talent acquisition, can be as challenging as the recruitment itself. The best healthcare recruiters are those who stay current with the latest industry trends. They are aware of the challenges presented to the Florida healthcare industry here in the United States. Strong healthcare recruiters understand the current state of the country’s healthcare system. They also recognize top talent when they see it, and can attract those all-stars to your team. We have over 40 years experience talking to nurses and therapists in various settings.

The job of a healthcare recruiter is to identify, recruit, and negotiate a successful offer of employment, making it easier for you to enjoy a steady flow of business with patient outcomes as a priority. That’s a job we take very seriously.

If you are looking for highly talented Healthcare Professionals to join your team and would like to streamline the recruitment process. Please give us a call and let us put our 40 plus years of healthcare recruiting experience to work for you.
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Top 3 Benefits of Using Our Expert Healthcare Recruiters

Don’t struggle with some recruitment agency that just ends up being a significant waste of your organizations’ time and money. Here are three key benefits to look for in the best healthcare recruiting agency:

1. Search One Makes Locating Top Talent Effortless

Many people go into the healthcare field because of the potential for career security, unfortunately, not all of them are passionate about patient care. Some lack a sense of responsibility, know-how, and experience needed to take care of patients successfully. The quality of the personnel at your organization is vital to things like efficiency, patient care, innovation, and even reputation. A trained recruiter knows how to screen candidates to ensure you are getting the best person for your team.

We are Healthcare Recruiters in Florida, dedicated to helping you build a team of professionals that know they indirectly affect the outcomes of patient care. Hiring the right person means more people get the care they deserve, strengthening your organization’s reputation and improving our communities.

2. We Help Streamline Operations

Talent Acquisition tends to require a lofty amount of time and dedicated resources. A scalpel in a recruiter’s hand is very dangerous, but it can save lives in the hands of a skilled surgeon. We regularly speak and keep track of healthcare professionals around the country through the use of multiple tools that are only useful when in the hands of a trained recruiting professional. This streamlines our ability to fill the position much faster than someone who wears multiple hats.

By entrusting your recruitment process with our team of trustworthy healthcare recruiters, we will save your organization time and money. We have the technology, connections, and know how required to complete your searches faster and with more accuracy than most in-house teams.

3. We Know How to Satisfy the Demanding Requirements of the FDA, HIPPA, and the ACA

The ACA has had a phenomenal impact on recruitment in healthcare, but so has HIPPA and the FDA. There has been a lot of regulation the industry has had to sift through as they work hard to stay in compliance, and that always has a big impact on the recruitment process.

The regulations often make the job of recruiting an increasingly complex challenge within the medical field. We take on the regulatory requirements, helping healthcare companies stay in compliance by finding talented professionals who are passionate taking care of people.

Give us a call and experience the Positive Difference a third party recruiter can make in Your Organization.

Passion for people is at the foundation of the healthcare industry, and it’s what drives us. As healthcare recruiters, we love making a positive impact. We are passionate about connecting the best medical professionals with organizations dedicated to improving our communities. Connect with us today so that your organization can experience the benefits of working with us.